What You Shouldn’t Wear in A Wake Ceremony People Must Know

Wake Ceremony is a ceremony that most people don’t expect to come to. However, no one knows how destiny is, therefore, they should be ready for what will happen in the future. Thus, for those who are invited or must come to a wake ceremony make sure to come appropriate. A wake ceremony is usually the last occasion where people see their loved ones. Therefore, coming to a wake ceremony, people should know what you shouldn’t wear in a wake ceremony. And what to wear to appreciate the family who has lost a family member.

People usually only know coming to a wake ceremony must wear black clothes. However, the clothes don’t always have to be black. The fact is there are really no rules in what you have to or what you shouldn’t wear in a wake ceremony. However, sometimes there are just some unwritten rules that people should know when coming to a wake ceremony:

1. Do not Wear Light Colors

For those who are planning to come to a wake ceremony do not wear any light clothes. Remember that a wake ceremony is not a happy ceremony, therefore people show it by using dark colors clothes. The clothes don’t have to be black, but make sure they are dark such as brown, dark grey or navy. And don’t wear colors like pink, red or light colors.

2. No Tight Clothes

Wake ceremony is also not a place to party or a fashion show. Therefore, do not wear tight clothes that can show the shape of your body. Appreciate the people by wearing some loose and closes clothing. Showing too much skin on a wake ceremony is just not right and not the place to do it.

3. No Sparkling Accessories

Remember the main purpose when coming to a wake ceremony. So, what you shouldn’t wear in a wake ceremony are too many accessories. It is still ok to wear some simple accessories like necklaces, hats or rings. As long as it is not too much and doesn’t stand out, it is fine to wear. Remember not to use too many sparkling accessories for the ceremony.

4. High Heels

Wear something that you can walk and make you feel comfortable at the same time. This can be done by wearing flat shoes or sneakers to a wake ceremony. Those who prefer heels can wear them, but make sure they aren’t too high and cause an accident in the ceremony.

5. Too Much Perfume

Another way to appreciate the people is by not wearing too much perfume. People say that those who wear a lot of perfume are in a happy situation. And this is the opposite situation of a wake ceremony, therefore, do not spray too much. Spray just an amount that is enough for the activity and use the rest after.

What you shouldn’t wear in a wake ceremony is something that is too much. The conclusion is to not wear something that is not too much for the ceremony. However, make sure whatever you wear you feel comfortable and confident in it. But at the same time, make sure to appreciate the inviter and the family.