Best Dress Color For Tan Skin To Wear In Non-Formal And Formal Events

Having a dark-tanned skin doesn’t mean you can’t wear bright colors for your daily wear. People with tanned skin are usually not confident with what they wear. Whereas, any color is good to wear if you feel confident with the dress. However, to make you look better, there is a recommendation for the best dress color for tan skin that you must know. At least, by knowing these colors, you can feel more confident with what you wear.

The color of tanned skin is in between dark and white color, people usually know it as medium color skin. This kind of skin color is great and suitable for any kind of dress color. Because your skin color is not too dark and not too bright for a dress. However, if you want to show more of your skin, then these dress colors might be the one you want to wear. Here is the most recommended best dress color for tan skin people:

1. Black

A color that can never go wrong for all kinds of skin color is black. Whether you are looking for a formal or daily dress, black will be a great color to choose from. However, just make sure not to wear all black for the outfit. Mix the black dress with other colorful colors like white, grey or blue.

2. Soft Pink

With the medium color skin, anything that is soft will make your skin look good. One of the many colors that you can wear is pink. Soft pink is a color that you can wear daily and make you look feminism. If you don’t want to look too girly, you can mix them up with some sneakers or jeans.

3. Light/ Navy Blue

Blue is the next best dress color for tan skin color that you can choose. Like black, the navy is a general color tan can match any skin color. It is also easy to mix and match with other colors too, so you can use it for daily use. If you are not confident with your skin color or afraid to look too dark, use the navy instead.

4. Grey

If you are looking for a dress to wear on all kinds of occasions, then choose a grey dress. This color is great for formal or just for hanging out, so you can wear it for work. To make a formal look you can add a blazer and a pair of flat shoes. For a night out with your friends, just take off the blazer and put on some heels.

5. Green Army

Some people say that tan skin people shouldn’t wear green as it will look bad on you. However, this is not right because the green army is a green color that will look good on you. You can pair black and grey with this color and still look feminism.

These colors are the best dress colors for tan skin that people can wear in a formal or non-formal event. Remember that all color dress is the same and will make you look good. Because the key to looking good is feeling good.