Easy Tips And Tricks From Fashion Styling To Make You Look Good

When choosing something to wear, people will surely choose the best outfit to look the best. However, sometimes the best outfit doesn’t always make the person look better especially if they don’t choose e right one. It doesn’t matter how expensive the cloth is but it doesn’t match you then it is not right. Therefore, it is important to know some easy tips and tricks from fashion styling to make you look good.

easy tips and tricks from fashion styling

Fashion is never wrong and everyone has their way of clothing. But with the right way of styling, their fashion can be better and more attractive. For example, what kinds of clothes to wear for people that have a bigger body. Or what kind of clothes are best to use when at night or to look slimmer. These kinds if easy tips and tricks from fashion styling are simple but effective. Here are the top tips and tricks that all people should know: 

1. Black Outfit for a Slimmer Body

Girls always think that they are fat and not confident enough to wear anything. Or there are times that they think they don’t have anything to wear. If you are feeling this way too, then choose a black outfit to wear. The black outfit is an outfit that will never get wrong and is suitable for anyone with any kind of body. Wearing black clothes can even make people look slimmer and better. However, add some accessories to the loo so that it doesn’t look plain.

2. Right Size Clothing for Bigger People

People with bigger bodies are usually not confident with their bodies. Therefore, they choose to wear something big too to close their bodies. This is wrong because it only makes their bodies look bigger and sink down into the cloth. One of the easy tips and tricks from fashion styling is choosing the right size for your body. Remember the right size doesn’t mean it is tight on the body but chooses the size fits right on the body. 

3. Bright Color for Dark Skin

For those who have dark skin can wear bright color clothes to make the look of the day. Don’t worry and feel confident about the clothing you wear. By wearing bright colors, the color of the skin will shine more, making people look better. On the other hand, it will make the dress or cloth look better too. 

4. Skinny Jeans/ Skirts for Petite

Another problem that usually occurs is fashion for petite people. To make them look tall or not sink in their clothes they should choose skinny pants or skirts. Remember again, skinny doesn’t mean tight on the body. So, make sure to choose the right skinny pants to show off the legs. 

5. Feeling Confident

The most important tip in fashion styling is to feel confident in anything you wear. This is the key to make the outfit look good on you, therefore always feel confident. At least by knowing what you must wear, this can give a boost to feel good and confident.

With these easy tips and tricks from fashion styling, anyone can look good. These are basic tips that will surely help your fashion daily style. So, no need to feel bad anymore because anyone can look good as long as they know-how.

Top Ridiculous Fashion Show Outfits You Would Like To Know

A fashion show is an event where people can see many kinds of outfits from designers. In this event, designers will show their best clothing of what they have made. This is the time where they can sell their designs and show them to other people. Usually, visitors will look for something different and unique. However, sometimes there are clothes and designs that are too unique or ridiculous. Some of the ridiculous fashion show outfits are even memorable and loved by the fashion world. 

Ridiculous fashion show outfits

Fashion is universal, so sometimes the most ridiculous fashion can also be an attraction to people. This is also a way to attract people to see more of their collection rather than just one clothes. Some of these outfits are unique because of their fabrics or just the design. Well, here are some of the top unique and ridiculous fashion show outfits:

1. Suit from Cotton Candy

Normally clothes will be from fabrics but now a day’s designers are very creative. They can make clothes from almost anything including candies. One of the most unique and ridiculous fashion show outfits must be the clothes from cotton candy. Overall, the cloth is like a short pink suit. But if you see it closer you can see that it is from cotton candy. It is just stunning as a normal suit but imagines how it will be when it gets wet. 

2. Ribbon Dress

Another ridiculous fashion that has attracted many peoples’ attention is clothing from ribbons. The color from the dress is very shocking making every eye looking at it. The design is also unique, don’t know whether people will wear it for an occasion. But overall it is very attracting and entertaining to see. 

3. Alien Eye Sweater – Pants

This time the clothing is made from normal fabrics. However, what makes it ridiculous is the design of the sweater and pants which is full of eyes. Both the sweater and pants are full of aliens’ eyes making it a bit scary but unique at the same time. For those who don’t mind being the center of attention can wear this outfit for daily activities. It is also very warm to wear in cold or winter weather.

4. Big Zipper Suit

One of the ridiculous fashion show outfits many people will also remember is the big zipper suit. Like normal cloth, this suit has a zipper, but the size is huge. Therefore, the zipper will make the head of the person small and between the zipper. It still can be used for normal days but be careful with your head. 

5. Paper Shirt

Recycling is being a regular activity for most big countries in the world. They try to recycle paper to anything including clothes. It is just like a normal shirt, but the only thing is you can’t iron it. Imagine how it will look if you choose to iron and wash it. 

Even though these clothes are unique and ridiculous, they have attracted many people. These ridiculous fashion show outfits are made from top designers with a long process. Like people say nothing is wrong when it comes to fashion. So, even though these outfits are ridiculous they are still fashion. 

What You Shouldn’t Wear in A Wake Ceremony People Must Know

Wake Ceremony is a ceremony that most people don’t expect to come to. However, no one knows how destiny is, therefore, they should be ready for what will happen in the future. Thus, for those who are invited or must come to a wake ceremony make sure to come appropriate. A wake ceremony is usually the last occasion where people see their loved ones. Therefore, coming to a wake ceremony, people should know what you shouldn’t wear in a wake ceremony. And what to wear to appreciate the family who has lost a family member.

People usually only know coming to a wake ceremony must wear black clothes. However, the clothes don’t always have to be black. The fact is there are really no rules in what you have to or what you shouldn’t wear in a wake ceremony. However, sometimes there are just some unwritten rules that people should know when coming to a wake ceremony:

1. Do not Wear Light Colors

For those who are planning to come to a wake ceremony do not wear any light clothes. Remember that a wake ceremony is not a happy ceremony, therefore people show it by using dark colors clothes. The clothes don’t have to be black, but make sure they are dark such as brown, dark grey or navy. And don’t wear colors like pink, red or light colors.

2. No Tight Clothes

Wake ceremony is also not a place to party or a fashion show. Therefore, do not wear tight clothes that can show the shape of your body. Appreciate the people by wearing some loose and closes clothing. Showing too much skin on a wake ceremony is just not right and not the place to do it.

3. No Sparkling Accessories

Remember the main purpose when coming to a wake ceremony. So, what you shouldn’t wear in a wake ceremony are too many accessories. It is still ok to wear some simple accessories like necklaces, hats or rings. As long as it is not too much and doesn’t stand out, it is fine to wear. Remember not to use too many sparkling accessories for the ceremony.

4. High Heels

Wear something that you can walk and make you feel comfortable at the same time. This can be done by wearing flat shoes or sneakers to a wake ceremony. Those who prefer heels can wear them, but make sure they aren’t too high and cause an accident in the ceremony.

5. Too Much Perfume

Another way to appreciate the people is by not wearing too much perfume. People say that those who wear a lot of perfume are in a happy situation. And this is the opposite situation of a wake ceremony, therefore, do not spray too much. Spray just an amount that is enough for the activity and use the rest after.

What you shouldn’t wear in a wake ceremony is something that is too much. The conclusion is to not wear something that is not too much for the ceremony. However, make sure whatever you wear you feel comfortable and confident in it. But at the same time, make sure to appreciate the inviter and the family.

5 Totally Inappropriate Clothes For Kids Ever

Have you ever seen children wearing inappropriate clothes for kids? For example, the clothes are written with harsh words or use clothes that are not appropriate for their age. Surely in this world, nothing is impossible; there are hapless children who wear inappropriate clothes.

Inappropriate clothes for kids

As a parent, you should choose clothes that are suitable for your child. Avoid the selection of eccentric models or clothes that can make your child as scorn. Here are the lists of inappropriate clothes for kids that you can make lessons later:

1. Kids Talk Shirt

Some parents like to buy their children’s clothes that have certain writing. However, sometimes they do not know what the meaning of the writing is. In fact, the writing could have endangered your child or made your child a joke.

It might sound funny to you but it is not suitable for your child. So, please be careful if you want to choose clothes for your child. Make sure you know the meaning of the writing on each of your children’s clothes.

2. Corset Onesies

Tiny Haute Couture made children’s clothes with an image of the corset on it. The corset image has a complete animal print motif with animal fur. In addition, they added lace, which made the corset image look very stand out

Some people think clothes are outrageous for children. Therefore, many mothers protest at the company because it produces clothes that are inappropriate for children. So, the company stopped selling these inappropriate clothes.

3. Fake Chest Hair Shirt for Boys

Many parents are concerned about the type of sexy clothes for children. Usually, shirts like this are more common for girls. However, now many clothing companies are also producing this type of clothing for boys.

For example, there are clothing companies that produce fake chest hair shirts for boys. This shirt will make your child look silly because your child looks like they have fur on their chests. It might look funny to you, but actually this shirt is not suitable for children to wear.

4. Racist Monkey Shirts

One of the inappropriate clothes for kids is a racist monkey shirt. This T-shirt has been criticized by many people for displaying racism in children. The shirt has a monkey body with the head of an African-American boy.

Worse, the shirt created outrage and triggered a commotion on social media. Then, the company that manufactures these shirts quickly defended. They stated that this incident was just a misunderstanding.

5. Nipple Pasties on Kids Tees

The UK-based company releases editions of clothes that are ridiculous for girls. They make pictures like two cupcakes that are close together. Of course, this looks a lot like an adult female organ.

The company also added tufts to the cupcakes, which made them look very silly. The company markets these clothes to parents who have daughters between the ages of 0 and 4.

Those are inappropriate clothes for kids that make you surprised. It turns out that many clothing companies make children’s clothes look ridiculous and inappropriate. So, as a parent, you have to be more careful in choosing clothes for your kids.