5 Best Annual Fashion Festivals In The World With Interesting Design

Fashion is growing up bigger than we think before. There is also the best and the bigger fashion event called fashion festivals that annually celebrate in the world. Moreover, fashion now is developed to become more fashionable, trendy with many kinds of style and design. Not only the way fashion developed but also the designer. Today, many people are born as a designer with great ability. As additional information about fashion, here are the 5 best annual fashion festivals in the world.

1. Paris Fashion Week

The first best annual fashion festivals in the world are Paris fashion week with the theme ‘ready to wear’. In this fashion festival, many designers are being the participants. The designers that join this fashion festival is a talented and famous designer in the world. Therefore, we cannot regret that we call it the annual fashion festivals in the world. Indeed, during this event, many designers provide their best design and work that will surprise you all.

2. Haute Couture Fashion Week

Haute couture fashion week become one of the biggest and hits fashion festivals in the world. This event is full of inspirations, aspirations and also creativity that is coming from many sides. by this event, a team of the designer is selected to provide the outfits that will be shown in this event. The fashion includes in haute couture fashion week is the affordable fashion and also unattainable fashion for the higher ranking. However, this fashion event is less on the catalog but shows more at the shop window.

3. New York Fashion Week

Another great and best fashion festival is New York fashion week. We can say that this event, New York Fashion Week is the high light event of American fashion. Indeed, this fashion event shows many kinds of fashion styles from many famous designers such as Anna Wintour, Bryant Park, and also Andre Leon Tally. Not only attended by many famous designers, but many famous photographers also attend this great event. Therefore, we cannot amaze that people call it as the high light fashion event in America.

4. Milan SS Ready to Wear Fashion Festivals

There are many fashion festivals that have been existing from the old period until this period including the Milan SS Ready to Wear Fashion Festivals. This fashion festival was started in 1958. During that time, Milan SS fashion week shows many kinds of woman’s fashion with the most famous design. Different from other fashion festivals which provides both women and men fashion, Milan SS fashion festivals just dedicate woman’s fashion.

However, even it’s just high light the woman’s fashion, this fashion festival provides many kinds of beautiful designs with any kind of brand. Therefore, it still has a big name around the fashion world.

5. London Fashion Week Fashion Festivals

London fashion week is also the oldest fashion festival in the world that starts in 1984. The first moment of this fashion festival, when the British fashion council or BFC found the London fashion week. This event has big four places from any other fashion week around the world which provides many kinds of fashion designers works.

Those are the 5 best annual fashion festivals in the world. Have you decided to join them in the fashion world and be one of them? Take your dream and become shining like a star like them in the world.